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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Kucinich: Non Union = Not American

Dennis Kucinich, Ohio's resident vegan leftie nut-job, who once drove Cleveland into bankruptcy when he refused to privatize the city owned power company, has defined what it is to be an American. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Kucinich said he would be meeting with union leaders and other officials to develop plans aimed at saving manufacturing jobs and letting Congress know about the need to do something.

"This is about our children and grandchildren," he said. "We have to get the word out - 'Buy American.' This is a matter of our allegiance to our own communities, our belief in each other, our commitment to each other."

While Ohio has about 16,000 workers building Honda automobiles, engines and transmissions, Kucinich later said he defined "American" as being made by a union. The UAW has failed in its effort to organize the Honda plants.

So all you "working people" who have chosen not to join a labor union, you're un-American. And you silly consumers, you may think that the 70% domestic parts content on that Honda Civic means you are supporting American jobs, but you aren't.

This is nothing new. Liberal black "leaders" don't consider people like Colin Powell, Condi Rice, or Clarence Thomas to be black because they don't toe the lefty political line.


iamhoff said...

Kucinich has time and time again proven that he really doesn't have a good grasp on American society in general, and business in particular. I agree that he is a typical liberal that assumes that unions and government intervention are the best way to make business work. Ask GM about the role that the unions have played in their recent spate of problems. Honda has been building cars and parts (engines, etc.) in Ohio since 1982. Have there ever been any serious labor issues reported at Honda's plants? I don't recall ever hearing of any. Things must be good without the unions, and Honda's performance (sales, design, and quality) seem to reflect that. I think buying an Accord made in Ohio does a better job of supporting real Americans than buying a Chevrolet Aveo that is made in Korea by Daewoo GM. Tell me I'm wrong. Buying the Aveo just supports Rick Wagoner's multi-million dollar retirement plan.

Dublin Saab said...

As a person with family living in Marysville and working at Honda I can tell you, from their first hand experience, why there hasn't been any labor strife at Honda's Ohio facilities. Genetically engineered attack dogs. These dogs are not just wandering the grounds of their plants but they even roam free around the entire county listening for any talk of "orginizing". I asked them why I had never seen these dogs and was shocked to learn that the dogs are invisible and only through the use of a brain implant are the Honda workers able to see them. An implant whose cost is taken out of the workers already shamefully low pay. Why my one cousine has to drive a 3 year old truck (4WD GMC 2500) and live in a 2,500 sq ft. hovel with only 12ft ceilings in the family room. I recently visited Tiger Poly, an injection molding supplier to Honda located on the southside of Columbus where they were proud and boastful of the new lighter wieght chains they had started to use to keep the workers chained to the presses.

Killer dogs, slave labor and 3rd world living conditions, that's the true Honda story

The Angry Engineer said...

The next time I visit my employer's non-union plant, I'll make sure to inform them about the lack of their contribution to the American economy. The plant where our engineering offices are located is unionized (oddly enough, the real-world labor costs are the same as our non-union plant, as are other key metrics), I'll ask them if they think their work is more American. More likely than not, I'll get a polite invitation to go perform an act upon myself.

I'm hard-pressed to think of a worse state than Ohio for anyone to make these sort of comments. As some know, my wife and I selected an Accord as our last new car because of its domestic content. Honda has been a wonderful contributor to the American economy.

Kucinich is indeed wildly out of touch with reality, but in a way, I guess that's a bit refreshing. He doesn't let something like "facts" or "common sense" stop him from forming an opinion. Knowing where a politician stands is a bit of a rare occurrance, but I think Kucinich is pretty predictable. I wouldn't ever expect verbal dribble like "I voted for it before I voted against it" from him.

Anonymous said...

Seriously: we're not supposed to talk about the attack dogs in public!

Anonymous said...

you are odviously retarded. thats just what we need more unions so workers can be lazy- and just so you know dumb fuck him refusing to privatize ended up saving the state millions and is in hind sight seen as a good move

Anonymous said...

I'll never buy another union-made vehicle. Union workers in America are not as careful, they don't pay as much attention to detail, more likely to not care, more likely to be drug addicted, and harder to fire. Labor unions are a thing of the past. I'm happy to buy non-union! Labor unions can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

In case you have not noticed Honda cars and trucks are very finely produced with fewer defects than their unionized counterparts.

Honda is Ohio's largest automotive employer.

Check out consumer reports... Honda's are quality.

Anonymous said...

Everyting you wanted to know about unions. This one in particular is about airlines, but the running theme is the same.