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Monday, January 23, 2006

Ford Plant Closings

As part of today's "Way Forward" announcement, Ford has announced that it is closing the following plants. I have included the products produced at these plants (source: Wikipedia)

  • St. Louis Assembly--Explorer, Mountaineer (which are also produced in Louisville, KY)
  • Atlanta Assembly--Taurus, Sable
  • Wixom Assembly--Town Car, LS, GT
  • Batavia Transmission--CD4E Transmission (Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner)
  • Windsor Casting--Engine blocks, crankshafts
  • Two additional assembly plants, TBD

Update: Mark Fields announced that Ford will build a new "low cost" assembly plant to be located in North America. Note that he didn't say "United States", which means it could be located in Canada or Mexico.

The announcement that Wixom is closing is a real blow to Michigan. There were hopes that the plant could be saved.


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sh said...


Can Detroit automakers survive?

No, U.S. automakers have lost their edge forever 53%
Yes, times are tough, but Detroit will bounce back 47%

The UAW has been some of the strongest supporters of the Dems, and now the typical mainstream media reader calls for the end of the evil corporate monster.
Of course, according to the unions, the problems are a product of the Bush Administration. When will these people wise up?
I was sent an article from Joe Wiesenfelder of registering his disgust with the Camaro concept car. is run by the Washpost, Knight Ridder, Ganett... not really what I'd consider America-friendly organizations.
In light of their well-founded analysis-in-fact, I guess we should turn Detroit into a ghost town and go for the Prius that advertises 60 MPG and gets 40.
That'll make George Clooney and Jane Fonda happy, and we can surely go on welfare from the money we'll save.

Dublin Saab said...

My wife thinks she might want to go into Interior Design after she's done working in the fashion industry, but with a MA from the Royal Collage of Art I dont think we need the help of Blog Spammers.

Now about Ford and the UAW I think the UAW's suggestion the other week to have congrees restrict sales of import makers is the correct action to take. I look forward to paying $36,000 for a stripper Cobalt so forklift drivers can keep making more than engineers, have early retirement and free health care for life.

sh said...

With today's push in the blue states for tougher regulations, their agenda wants nothing to do with manufacturing that involves even the hint environmental distaste.

Toyota America will be a passing flash as the Big Three lose share and the Avalon-makers hint union and demand higher wages and benefits.
President Rodham will buckle under the pressure from her party's ultra-socialists and will revoke Taft-Hartley.
The head bull in Japan will have had enough and close the plants, moving to less demanding nations.

We will be driving $36,000 Lada Kalinas made in South America.