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Friday, June 23, 2006

The New Sebring

So what happened to Chrysler? They used to be all about style, since they had terrible quality due to putting cost cutting above all else. Now that Daimler has apparently hammered some quality into Chrysler, they seem to be pumping out ugly-mobiles.

First, they dropped the Jeep Compass on us. Bleh.

Then, the Imperial, "I can't believe it's not a Rolls!".

Now, the new Sebring, which looks to me like an over-inflated (overfed?) Crossfire. Other comments I have seen compare it to a crossbreed between a Crossfire and a Saturn Ion.

The hood has rake lines, the headlights look Korean-angry, the sides look busy, and the rear looks like any generic Asian family sedan's. I like GM's G6 (taught, sport) and Ford's Fusion (angular, edgy, clean) much better. Chrysler is bucking the cleaner, simpler trend here and moving more towards Kia faux-luxury.


Ari said...

Actually, to me, it looks like a twin of the Toyota Avalon (especially the rear of the car.) But as for the overall design, its very uninteresting and inoffensive. But thats what sells nowadays, just look at the Camry. But I do like the new features of the car, such as the 20gb Hard Drive in the radio along with heated/cooled cupholders, its a good way to distinguish from the me-too crowd.

Dave M. said...

Does. Nothing. For me.
Chrysler needs this to be a hit, since the 300 is cooling off and there's very little left up their sleeve. I don't see hit written on this...

bennettpr said...

good grief!

The Sebring's like a Camry with fins.

They're all clapping because they're glad to see the back of this piece of hud.

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Anonymous said...
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