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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Interesting transmission design

I saw a writeup on an interesting new transmission design in the SAE magazine being developed by an R&D company in the UK named ZeroShift.

Basically, the way it works is that gears are linked together by sliding "bullets", which can lock gears together in one direction, but if one gear outspeeds the other, the bullets disengage. These sliding bullets would replace the synchronizing components on a manual transmission. It is hard to describe, but the animation here illustrates it.

Supposedly, this technology allows very smooth quick shifts, and eliminates many parts of current transmission.

ZeroShift is testing a prototype unit which is installed in a V6 Mustang.


sh said...

Ford is doing some remarkable things:

Ford hydrogen IC engine

Dublin Saab said...

Having had to rebuild a few transmissions, which is par for the course when living with 1980's Saabs, that certainly looks more simple. But one question I couldn't get answered on their web site (perhaps to protect their secrets) was how in the f*** they get the "bullets" to move.

Must be magic.