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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Imam: Beat Your Wife (Wives?) Carefully.

According to this authority, a Muslim may beat his wife (or wives?) but only if he is carefull--no broken bones, no bruises, don't hit the face, and not in front of the kids. Very progressive!

Question: when was the last time any Rabbi, Pastor, Priest, or Minister told you it was OK to beat your wife, and outlined the parameters of how it should be done?

Question: can a religion condone wife-beating and still be a "religion of peace"?

*Before you guys get all huffy on me, let me say that I don't believe that all Muslims are wife beaters. I am certain that some streams of Islam don't condone wife beating. But a sizeable portion of the Muslim world is still stuck in about the year 1200.


Man Bucit said...

it's certainly is sad that some people use religion to justify their chauvinism

Shawn said...

Remember where the "rule of thumb" came from?

KKK, Neo-Nazi, AFA & Christian Identity preaches a lot of hate & indirect association to violence.

Muslims are a little behind in evolution, but eventually they'll have to choose between adapting some levels of rationalism or extinction much like the Christians centuries ago.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why do libs always pull out the Christianity thing, or "all religion" thing? I go to Church and nobody's telling me that I can beat my wife. Heck, if I leave the Christian faith I won't get killed, which is more than any muslim can say.