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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Monster Camper Van

The other day, this monster van showed up in one of the parking lots not far from my house. I couldn't help but notice it, and quietly snapped a couple of pictures.

A quick trip to Google, and I learn all about it. The builder is an outfit called Sportsmobile, which starts the process with a Ford or Chevy van or Dodge (Mercedes) Sprinter. Various interior amenities are added, such as a head, beds, mini-kitchen, swiveling chairs, and cabinets. A pop-up camper roof can also be added.

The example in my neighborhood is a top of the line specimen, as it has been given a Quigley 4x4 conversion in addition to the camper treatment. This van would cost approximately $70,000!

A nice trailer or 5th wheel camper plus a 4x4 truck to tow it seems like a better deal, to me, since you can use the truck for many non-camping activities, and you would have a much larger living space as well. Even if it doesn't make the most sense to me, these monster vans are an impressive product.


manvan said...

nice car, I like it. It looks good and practical in use

Man Van said...

This Van seems a house with wheels. Perfect to travel. It has a good interior design also.

Jason said...

Sportsmobiles are fairly common here in SoCal. Vehicle of choice for Baja surf trips.

Cuyuna said...

Neat Campervan, it's quite a huge fella. Not surprised if they payed over $50k for the thing though!

man with a van said...

Yes, this van is really amazing and impressive! It's really huge! You can really use it in different life situations and it worths buying it even with such a price.

Van Sales said...

I'm impressed that a lot of interior such as a head, beds, mini-kitchen, swiveling chairs, and cabinets have been added! So, now it looks like a house on the wheels.