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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Video Idiots, Vol 7: How Not To Remove A Pole

No, his bumper does not come off. It's about as bad, though.

How Not To Remove A Basketball Hoop - Watch more free videos


Anonymous said...

The Arc of a Diver?

Dublin Saab said...

I did some stump pulling with my '89 Saab 900. But I used a much longer chain and one with a rating in excess of the power of my old Saab. Also the stumps were mostly dug out by hand but too heavy to be lifted out without mechanical assistance. Which I guess is nothing like what these idiots were doing.

Jason said...

Thank goodness it was only the window. When I saw the man pushing on the second try after seeing the rope snap, I was sure I was about to see a Darwin Award nomination.