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Thursday, April 17, 2008

2010 Taurus Spy Photo

This photo is making the rounds on the net as a purported spy shot of the 2010 Taurus redesign.
Assuming it is, this a sharp looking car, and portends for a much livelier Ford in the future. From this view it looks like very little sheet metal is carry-over from the current Five Hundred/Taurus, although the pronounced arch of the roof line is still there.

It also signals that the tightly packed vertical grilles with large amounts of chrome are going away, and that Ford will go more towards its European design style, which is not a bad thing.
I do see a bit of Honda in the front end, and also, and maybe some Lexus. The shape is sharp, but somewhat generic. One good thing about the current 3-bar chrome grille that Ford is using is that it is a unique design.

It is amazing, to compare the 2010 with the 2008, how bland the 2008 looks.

Update: Someone pointed out to me, that this is probably not a concept car, but is probably a clay styling model. That is, a life size model of a proposed design made from clay and painted to look like a car. One hint is the "glass", which is painted glossy black. Also notice what appears to be another clay model, still clay colored, in the distance.

The point is, this car may be nothing more than a proposal by one group of designers, competing with other proposals. The final car may look very much like this, or it may look not much like it at all!

The next Taurus? (Courtesy of

The Current Taurus

The Ford (Europe) Mondeo

Honda Accord

Lexus IS

Styling dead end? The Interceptor concept


Anonymous said...

I seem to be in the distinct minority of people who think that the current Taurus and the Five Hundred that preceded it are handsome, cleanly designed, solid-looking cars. My objections to them were more mechanical, the one I drove had lousy brakes, and the drivetrain was weak and uncooperative. Handling and ride were surprisingly good, although the interior was old-school Ford. Still, a better large car than the mushy and thirsty Charger and Chrysler 300.

The new prototype looks good, but I hope they have some of that Mondeo dynamic ability.

Freddic said...

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Anonymous said...

The new IS-F is looking great. Hopefully this new sports car helps Lexus break their boring image.

Anonymous said...
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