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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Engineer Feeding Experiment

After Passover, I had a few boxes of matzah left over. Matzah is that hard, dry, unleavened bread which the Haggadah calls "the bread of affliction". It has a texture and taste similar to stiff cardboard.

I decided to perform the following experiment.

Hypothesis: Engineers will eat anything, even leftover Passover matzah.
Equipment: 1 box of matzah, clock, coffee room, sheet of paper, pen.
Procedure: Box of matzah was opened and placed in the coffee room, near the community coffee maker. The words "Free Food" were written on the sheet of paper, which was placed next to the box of matzah.
  • 5 minutes: a coworker was spotted munching on a matza cracker walking down the hall.
  • 15 minutes: a second coworker was seen trying to pull a piece of matzah out of the box while balancing a cup of coffee in the other hand.
  • 30 minutes: half of the matzah was missing.
  • 60 minutes: all matzah is gone, and the box and sign are found in the trash bin. A fan of matzah crumbs can be seen on the carpet around the door of the coffee room.
Conclusions: Engineers will eat anything.


1929-1933 Chevrolet Shop Manuals said...

that's a cool video...funny car..

Dublin Saab said...

After moving from OH to NY I found I had a neighbor in my new hood that is a Jew. She offered me some matzo this past Passover.

Having heard it was the worst thing ever my expectations were so low I thought it was not "that bad".

Her gentile husband stated that it was even better with butter and jam. I told him that a small stone would be better with butter and jam.

Anyway, I love the experiment. Next time get a dozen doughnuts. Let them sit on top of your fridge for 2 weeks. Then put them out with a note that says, "Free doughnuts, two weeks old" and see if they go faster than the matzo.