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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Video: How Not To Beat The Train

The gates are there for a reason.

Semi Truck Tries To Outrun Train - Watch more free videos


Omar said...

I wish I could see the lights in the video.

The guy was already across the first set of tracks when the gate at the far side came down. He backed up but was now caught by the gate on his side coming down. We can't see whether he was trapped by other vehicles preventing him from backing out (and snapping off the gate). It looks like he decided to make a run for it based on already being on the first set of tracks. I'm surprised at how late those gates came down for the speed of the train on that track.

The question is whether that intersection gave him proper visibility to the flashing lights while being on a turn. It definitely looks like a bad intersection.

Dorri732 said...

I agree with omar. I think I would have run for it on foot.

The Auto Prophet said...

He was rolling forward as the opposite gate was moving, and by the time they are moving, there is usually a ding-ding-ding and flashing red lights, too. When he reversed and hit the lowered gate, he should have forced it and broken it off, rather than go forward. But then again, I have never been in that situation!

Dublin Saab said...

I see that 40 seconds after hitting the semi the train is only beginning to slow down.


Don't fuck with trains

Anonymous said...
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