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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Carnival Of Cars 09/13/2008

If you haven't been watching his blog in RSS, be sure to add Mark Tapscott's Straightline Blog over at Edmunds. He just posted the latest version of the Carnival of Cars.

I started the Carnival of Cars for "independent" bloggers some time ago, and later Mark Tapscott took it over and has kept it going.

What's a blog "Carnival"? it's a compendium of posts from a few different blogs, sort of the "best of" and a quick way to check up on what different bloggers are doing. By "independent" bloggers, I mean the small guys who write their own thoughts, rather than repackaging press releases like the corporate owned blogs like Autoblog.

Not that there is anything wrong with Autoblog, but their ratio of original content to repackaged press releases is sometimes pretty small. I wonder what happened to Eric Bryant ("The Angry Engineer")? he was a good source of down-on-the-ground original writing.

The neat thing about small bloggers is that most of us don't make money from our blogs, and are doing it for fun, or as a way to vent.


Gary Grant said...

The blog carnival has been an interesting cycle for me to watch. I came upon the CoC after you had passed the torch to Mark. When he mothballed it for a long period of time, I decided to create the carnival of wheels. It was a ton of fun, introduced me & my readers to a bunch of new blogs and took a whole bunch of time. Eventually, life became more important than a weekly CoW.

As I come closer to publishing full time, perhaps I should revisit the CoW.

Anonymous said...
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