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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Never Buy a Salvage Car That Has Been "Clipped"

You need a car, and you don't have much money. You find a guy on Craigslist selling a salvage-titled vehicle which has been "expertly repaired, new front clip".

You don't want it.

A "clip", as the repair guys call it, is when a car is cut through the unibody, and a major portion (like, half of the front end) is welded on. On the outside, it looks fine, but underneath the exterior panels, what you have is non-contiguous steel welded together. It may be done well, but it may not be. Chances are, it isn't as strong as the original design, and in a serious crash, it may offer much less protection than a normal car would.

Automuse has some good posts on this subject.

A better bet: buy a car that needs a new engine, and then find a local mechanic to drop in a donor motor from a junk yard. I've seen decent chassis for sale for $500-$1000, that when combined with a junkyard motor, would be a servicable car.

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