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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Open Question To Chrysler/Fiat

A question for Chrysler:  why are you going to keep building the Jeep "Pavement" Compass?  How does this product advance your brand?  You can barely sell any of them (8,498 YTD).  The only Jeep model which sells fewer is the bloated Pavement Commander.  

Don't replace it with a Fiat in 2012.  Kill it now.  Nuke it from orbit.  It's not a Jeep.  It's not even close.    


Anonymous said...

I agree. If it doesn't go offroad, don't offer it.

Arief said...

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unparalled60 said...

Offroad vehicles are preferred by Jeep fans.. But the chrysler appeals more to those who want sleek and stylish cars. But I agree that it should have been made off road.