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Friday, January 29, 2010

Apple iPad

I have been reading about the newly revealed Apple iPad, and I am thinking, "do not want".  Here's why:

  • No on-board memory card slot
  • No Adobe Flash support
  • Closed OS--all apps must come from Apple store
  • No camera--this thing should be able to do Skype out of the box
  • No on-board USB ports
  • No multi-tasking

This is because Apple decided to make the iPad basically an over-sized IPod Touch, not a shrunken Macbook.  Myself, I'd be more interested in a scaled-down Macbook.

I predict this will be a disappointment for Apple, until they fix some of these flaws.  Most people who would be interested in an iPad already have an iPhone, they won't see a compelling reason to get one.


Ari said...

i absolutely agree with you... it could have been a lot more useful as a scaled down mac book... i still love it but it just seems pointless... I mean there are mac books and iphones and gaming consoles... where are we going to need this?

Phil said...

The iPad has no expansion path and will never garner the imagination of tweakers who make these devices grow in function and popularity. Watch for product revisions in the near future to add the features mentioned.

Anonymous said...

what should we expect when these electronic manufacturers set profit as priority instead of quality. Outch.


New York Ac Condensor Team

Duncan said...

I agree too, If I traveled alot on buses or trains I could see the point and I know it's going to be a nice Gadget but give me a laptop any day over this 'handbag surfer'