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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Grass Fed Kosher Beef!

I'm throwing this out there in case someone else is interested in the information.

The company that is supplying some Costco stores with kosher beef, Colorado Kosher, uses cattle that are grass-fed for the first part of their lives, then finished on a feed lot (e.g. grain) for the last 4 months or so. So they aren't 100% grass fed, but they are a combination. I got this information from the company, when I called to ask.

So, if you wanted to try the taste of grass-fed beef, and keep kosher, find out if you local Costco store stocks this brand.


Anonymous said...

For your information 99% of all cattle in the U.S. are first fed grass for about 14 months of their lives and then for 4 months are fed corn. Typically that beef is considered corn fed and not grass fed. So Colorado Beef or any other if stated as corn fed had still been grazed in the grass.

ts said...


Cattle can only eat corn (+ supplemental grains) for about 4 months, any longer and they tend to get sick/die. This is why cattle get fed a steady diet of antibiotics on most feedlots, they cannot digest corn and other grains like they do grass, so their digestive tracts gets messed up and requires antibiotics in order to keep them from getting too sick.