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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Sponsored Post" WTF?

Over at LeftLane News, I read a glowing review of Toyota safety features.  I wondered why they were basically repeating Toyota's new marketing campaign, until I saw the tag "Sponsored Post".

Guys, write your own stuff.  It is bad enough that readers have to wade through banner ads, side panels, and on some sites, popup ads.  If they have to learn to ignore parts of your main feed, they'll get annoyed and start to tune out.

I don't have massive readership, but for the few readers I do have, I can promise this: any posts you read on here were written by me, with some thought.  There will be no sponsored posts.  No ghostwriting.  


Anonymous said...

"Guys, write your own stuff."

Mind your own business. I don't tell you how to write your blog, don't tell me how to write mine.

Brian Vermette said...

The concept that every blogger should just stick to writing there own stuff is a good for you and I respect that, but not every blogger feels the same way.

Case in point, as a blogger myself (and you and I have talked several times over the last several years) who has been blogging for over 5 years now, not everything that is published on my blog or now lifestream is writen by me, its just approved by me and I like it that way.

Having someone write an article for my lifestream as either a guest post or a sponsored guest post is a good practice, there good articles and most readers don't mind it as long as you disclose it.

I also have posts writen by me that have sponsor inside too. The practice is a great way of making money and its respected by alot of bloggers.

And I might point out, you make money on your sidebar and top bar too, but this is just a better and cleaner way for me.

But I can understand where you are coming from when it comes to what is a giant advertisement and in this case was for Toyota as a post. That isn't all that good.

Basically you found a bad sponsored post that are out there, but don't disrespect all guest posts or sponsored (guest) posts, some are really good, well writen and worth publishing.

And I will keep that in mind the next time I publish a post writen by someone else.