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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coda's Electric Car Will Cost $44,000...

...and be serviced at a "a major retail department store chain" (e.g. Sears, or perhaps WalMart) for the electrical propulsion system, or one of several Firestone locations for non-powertrain issues.

Yeah, good luck with that.  

They expect people to pay top dollar (more than a Leaf or Volt) for a car that looks like a 2003 Protege.  Then, if something breaks, the customer has to decide if needs to be taken to the mall or to Firestone to get fixed?

And if you get in an accident and need body and mechanical work, where do you take it?  

My prediction: Leaf, Volt, and later Ford's Focus EV will kill off the Coda.  People will have no compelling reason to have a complicated life when the faithful full service dealer is still right down the road.

Edmunds article is here.

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