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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shocking News: Americans Won't Pay More For Electric Cars

From Edmunds Green Car Advisor:

About two out of three Americans say they wouldn't be willing to pay more for an electric car than for a comparable gas-powered vehicle, while just 17 percent said they'd pay more than a $5,000 premium for an EV, Nielsen Co. said, citing its September poll of more than 2,300 people.

I guess the good news is that about 30% of Americans would pay extra for an electric car--but most of them would not pay more $5,000.  

To me, the reason is obvious.  People are still mostly motivated by costs, not by environmentalism, and the reduced range of an electric vehicle is also a point of concern for the average person.  Now, if gas prices would stabilize around $4/gallon, I am sure the numbers would shift.


vicky said...

well all those guys who refuse to pay 5k now would pay the money of a new car when those fossil fuels run out in those arabic wells.

notDilbert said...

Earth to Vicky.....

I will gladly pay a premium for a hybrid or full electric vehicle that provides increased performance or some other value for the money. There are any number of vehicles in the pipeline which will acomplish this.

But, some "Pie in the Sky -- Altuistic -- Feel Good enviromental hope " is not that valuable.

.......and a large portion of electricty is still generated by oil fired steam plants, at least in my part of the country, so even if I did pay that premium, there would be no actual net benefit to "The Enviroment".

Anonymous said...

When will someone show.. list..calculate.. the MP$ of the various forms of alternate fuel vehicles. Until then ALL alternates are BOGUS...


Dynomax Exhaust Systems said...

More so than the cost I think people are worried about the distance a fully electric vehicle allows you to travel. 100 miles on a full charge is a joke.