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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Review: Mexican Coke

The other day I saw glass bottles of Coke for sale at the local upscale supermarket, for the princely sum or $1/each.  I had heard that some Coke lovers swear that Mexican Coke is better than American Coke because it is made with real sugar, not corn syrup.  I have also heard this claim regarding Passover Coke.

So I bought a couple of bottles to try.

I'm not a trained taster, and I didn't do a scientific grade double blind study.  But to my taste, the Mexican coke tasted sweeter, and felt stickier, than what I was used to.  I wouldn't pay extra for it.

However, the glass bottles were a revelation.  They feel wonderful in the hand, hefty and cold and perfectly curved and balanced.   I wouldn't pay more for Mexican Coke, but I would pay more for American Coke in these retro glass bottles!


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Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure if your eyes were tied, you couldn´t even taste which one is which.

skad said...

Cola of course a delicious drink. but I have heard that it is not very useful to the organism.

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I am a coke drinker. I rarely drink a size like this we often bought the family size... I think I am addicted to it.

StatsProfessor said...

The mexican coke may not taste any better but glass bottle coke is infinitely better tasting than anything.

Hard to find these days but worth the extra price.