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Thursday, June 13, 2013

iOS For Your Car?

Apple's recent announcement that they would be working with automakers, including heavyweights GM, Honda, and Hyundia + Kia, to integrate an iOS interface into their dashboard infotainment systems.

Notable in their absence from the announcement were the major automakers Ford, VW, Toyota, Fiat + Chrysler.

I think the holdouts have the right idea.  Getting married to Apple's iOS interface means giving up the branding of the infotainment system, and some control over how it behaves.  A better approach is to use a system designed to integrate tightly with the vehicle, which has the right interfaces built into it to talk to any smart (or dumb) phone using open standards such as BlueTooth.

According to recent sales numbers, Android and iOS about the split the market in the U.S., and internationally, Android is the runaway winner.  Any global automaker that embraces an iOS optimized infotainment system may be making a business error.

Inline image 1

(Graph courtesy of Tech-Thoughts)

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Stratahoovius said...

All this technology in our cars! I wish it would go back to the way it used to engine, 4 wheels, a chassis, a steering wheel, and a driver enjoying the sensation of driving a simple car.

Are there any affordable carmakers these days that make cars like that anymore?