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Sunday, September 01, 2013

EU Proposes Satellite Based Speed Limiters

A great demonstration of how the Europeans are not necessarily worth emulating.  The EU has proposed ISA (intelligent speed adaptation) based on GPS or sign reading cameras, which would first warn a driver and then automatically slow a vehicle down, if they were exceeding local speed limits. 

The scheme would work either using satellites, which would communicate limits to cars automatically, or using cameras to read road signs. Drivers can be given a warning of the speed limit, or their speed could be controlled automatically under the new measures.

Something like this would simply be laughed out of Congress in the States.  But in Europe, the EU central regulatory agencies have a lot of power, and top-down regulation is a way of life.

Source: Telegraph

1 comment:

vit157 said...

Not so nice idea because of a lot of problems during implementation - what to do with old cars? would you trust your brake and engine control to automatic controls? how it will deal with accidents and dangerous situations? and etc etc etc.
I mean, it is still ridiculous how they propose all those unnecessary measures while not tackling some basic issues, such as traffic light positions in some EU states, for example...