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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fiesta ST Mini Review

I had the chance to do a short test-drive of a Fiesta ST.  I had a chance to drive it on the freeway and flog it on some surface roads and in a large parking lot.

The Fiesta ST is very good at some things: accelerating, braking, turning.  It is a razor sharp little missile.  However, there are some significant trade-offs and omissions in the ergonomics and controls department.

  • Awesome powertrain.   Powerful, sounds great.  Lots of torque.  This car really moves.
  • Lots of lateral grip, sharp reflexes.
  • Smooth shifter action.  
  • Excellent brakes, good feel and stopping power.
  • Comfortable and grippy sport seats.  Nice steering wheel.  
  • Well weighted steering which firms up nicely at speed.  Car felt solid at high speeds, and was easy to steer in parking lots.
  • Good fuel economy--I saw 41 on freeway and 29 flogging it on surface roads
  • Sharp looking little car, the Fusion family front end looks properly mean and sporty.
  • Jittery ride at highway speeds--seems to heave a lot.  Not fun to drive at 70mph on less than smooth highways.  Significant road noise at higher speeds. 
  • You feel every bump, crack, and ripple in the pavement.  Michigan's cracked up roads are torture.  
  • MyFord Touch does not control climate system, instead the lower right panel shows you the date. 
  • Annoying up-shift indicator.  In a top-of-the line sports model, I would assume the guy will figure out how to shift.
  • Hard plastic center armrest, ouch.  For the top-end model, Ford should have spent the extra few dollars and installed a padded center arm rest.  
  • Rear visibility, rearview mirror looks down for taller drivers.
Conclusion:  The Fiesta ST is an efficient and fun little road carver--if you have good roads.  I would not buy this car for a daily commuter in SE MI, the roads are just too rough for the suspension tune. In a place with good, smooth roads, it would be much more pleasant.  This is a car for someone who values high performance at a modest price, and isn't as concerned with creature comforts.

I was't able to get high quality images of the bright red car I drove, but here are some images I stole from Ford's web site:

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