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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Free Ford Video Game

Ford is offering a free video game for download. The game has players driving Focuses, and if they do well, they can move up to Mustangs and GT's. It doesn't look bad, although apparently the only billboards allowed in Ford's virtual city are of Ford cars.


phylliso said...

This game doesn't run on Macs and requires you to use Explorer. What does this say about Ford's attitude toward its U.S. customers?

Anonymous said...

what do you mean? 90% of US customers use IE & Windows.

Big Ford Fan said...

Before I try and download this onto my dinosaur of a computer, does anyone know if it's fun ?

A world where there's nothing but Fords, sounds like paradise to me :)

Anonymous said...

Same reaction as noted above - they don't want Mac users, or any non-IE users.

I think Firefox is over 10% now, as are Macs, if you look at the installed base rather than the market share.

carpundit said...

Typical - bring out a half-done product that ignores demands of the market.

They could afford to ignore Macs (though they shouldn't), but to ignore Firefox makes the whole a waste of their time.

Anonymous said...

you Firefox guys seriously have no clue...the vast majority of Internet users are surfing with IE, AOLs browser, Netscape. Firefox has less than 5% market share according to the latest Janco study. Additionally, the types of users that have adopted Firefox tend to be technically savvy and less "mainstream" than Ford's customers. So at the end of the day...just like with Mac users...Ford isn't going to appeal to people that drive Jetta's.