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Friday, July 30, 2010

My Solution To WikiLeaks

If I was POTUS, the guy who runs WikiLeaks would be snatched, tried before a military tribunal as a material supporter of terrorists, and then sent to prison.

And if I couldn't snatch him, I would cause him to have a tragic accident.

Espionage is an act of war, and leaking military documents could actually cost the lives of our soldiers or our allies.  


Anonymous said...


Pawl Bearing said...

I watched the video of the killing of the civilians due to a military accident on wikileaks and I am deeply embarrased by the US army. OK we'll forgive the helicopter crew for mistaking men with cameras for killers with AK47. But did they need to laugh at the deaths as they were killing?
Those US military dumbos just created a few more hundred terrorists.
The military is supposted to protect us from terrorism not be the fuel for it.

Admin said...

If I were POTUS, I'd get the embedded media stuff out of the way. If I were fighting a war, then I'd fight the darn war and not try to be popular at the same time, but that's politics for ya.

What Julian Assange does with Wikileaks is vital. It might be uncomfortable for you, but you're attacking a side-effect, not the cause of the problem.

Assange is a modern hero.

Admin said...

Not sure why that titled my comment as "Admin". It should have said "Swade"

Anonymous said...

If I were POTUS I would get the hell out there like I said I would!