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Monday, February 25, 2013

New Jeep Cherokee... Maybe Not That Bad

I am willing to give the 2014 Jeep Cherokee a second look, but only if it has body-colored fascia.  With body colored front fascia  the split lamp design doesn't seem as bad, and the front end looks (slightly) more harmonious and less squinty.

I hope the two-tone model was a pre-production mule and not a planned trim level.

Image courtesy of Autoweek.

Inline image 1

Have an older Jeep? Checkout for a list of Cherokee mechanics.


Charity said...

The Jeep looks nice with the blue color. It could look more better after the changes. Jeep Wheels are nice when painted in nice color. Steel wheels are best for Jeeps.

Unknown said...

The Jeep Cherokee are wonderful!

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