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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ford Ditches Mathers

Ford was, according to a Detroit News item, approached by representatives of rapper Eminem (Marshal Mathers), asking for a hot new vehicle for a rap video. At first, Ford was going to give them pre-production Fusions, but then they figured out that Mather's rap is not exactly family oriented music.

Ford: Eminem lyrics too shady

Ford Motor Co. marketers were thrilled two months ago after being approached by representatives of Detroit superstar Eminem. For his next music video, the rapper wanted a hot vehicle not yet on the market, Ford says. The automaker offered its upcoming Ford Fusion midsize sedan and Eminem's people agreed. Boom! Instant street cred for a key new vehicle. But Ford marketers cringed when they saw the title of Eminem's new single: "Ass Like That." And when they read the lyrics -- essentially middle school locker humor that rhymes -- the fledgling alliance with Slim Shady crumbled. "It wasn't any problem with Eminem," said Ford spokesman Jon Harmon. "It was just that the song was over the top. It just wasn't Ford." An Emimen spokesman said he wasn't aware of any dealings with Ford.

Good move on Ford's part--the kids who value "street cred" don't have money to buy new cars. The Fusion is not supposed to be a Scion--it is supposed to be Ford's bread-and-butter family sedan. Leave songs like "Ass Like That" to Chrysler's marketing group, which revels in a lack of taste. (Remember "Concorde", or "Size Does Matter"?)


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you used the word "ass" on a family oriented web site! Shame on you Auto Prophet!

The Auto Prophet said...

Hey, it was in quotes!

John B said...

How long did it take the brains at Ford to figure out who Eminem was? And they are both from Detroit!