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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ford GT Refund

A British writer buys a Ford GT, one of only 28 destined for his country. He has dreamed of owning such a car since his childhood, when the GT40s beat Ferrari at LeMans.

His car arrives, and promptly starts to malfunction. The anti-theft system constantly thinks the car is stolen. The Check Engine light comes on. After numerous ineffective repairs, he gives up, and asks Ford to buy the car back, which they do.

They put £126,000 in my account and sent a man to pick up the car. "“Is it the alarm system?"” he said. "They all do that."

So there we are. A 35-year dream. A two-year wait. Ten years of damn hard work. And what do I get? The most miserable monthÂ’s motoring it is possible to imagine.

Strangely, however, as the GT rumbled down my drive for the last time, I felt like Julie Walters watching Michael Caine getting on the plane at the end of Educating Rita. I actually cried.

"They all do that?" Ouch. And Ford wonders why it is struggling in Europe. A halo car cuts both ways--nail it, and you get free buzz. Screw it up, and you screw your whole image.

(HT: Just Auto)


Anonymous said...

that's not just "any" British writer, that's freaking Jeremy Clarkson and he's talked about his GT40 forever and it's constant failures on Top Gear Mag's BBC show.

Anonymous said...

I second the comment. The auto prophet should know the greatest automotive writers. Not knowing about jeremy clarkson is like not knowing who jerry flint is.

Anonymous said...

You should read also the answers he has received by e-mail. One of them is from the president of Ford UK in which he is giving him the reason for returning it:,,22750-1686284,00.html