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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Electric Shock Game

This is the perfect game to play with your out-of-town relatives on Thanksgiving!

(Actually I find it kind of disturbing...)


sh said...

Reminds me of the "let's see who can hit the lightest" game or "52 pickup" on steriods.

Ray said...

I forwarded this to the Pentagon for possible use at Al Grahib. Does it come with high voltage test leads and alligator clips?

The Auto Prophet said...

1) That's "Abu Ghraib", dumbass
2) Americans didn't electrically shock anyone at Abu Ghraib, although they did threaten to. Mostly, they embarrased the prisoners by making them stike degrading poses for photographs.
3) Did I mention you are a dumbass?

The Angry Engineer said...

A friend of mine got this "game" earlier this year as a birthday gift. Needless to say, it provided hours of entertainment, and is actually mildly addictive. When set to the highest level, I'd say that it feels pretty similar to getting hit with 110VAC - extremely surprising, but not quite painful. One of the players did hold the handset to his forehead during gameplay. After trying that once, I believe he would not recommend deviating from the intended usage.

Definitely the most entertainment value was provided when our wives decided to try it out.