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Friday, November 04, 2005

France on Fire [Politics]

The French have finally been forced to confront their non-assimilating Muslim immigrant underclass. Unfortunately, the forum is the streets of towns surrounding Paris. Mobs are burning buses, terrorizing people, and shooting up trains. If this keeps up much longer, the French will have to ask the Germans to invade again, because it is not clear that they have the stomach to stop the rioting.

While I do not wish harm to anyone, I do feel a small twinge of schadenfreude. C'est la vie, non?

What happens next is very important. If France does not sort out the relationship between liberal-secular Europeans and the large population of non-assimilated Muslim immigrants, France is dead.


desert rat said...

NOt only will France be dead, but so might go the rest of Old Europe. It seems as if only the newly freed Eastern nations there seem to understand the threat of an immigrant population which refuses to assimilate.

These riots are not about class or economics; rather they are about Muslims refusing to live under any laws no their own.

Ray said...

A French woman on TV insisted the solution was not bringing in the army, but working on jobs and opportunities. Its obvious she don't get it.

Will the Eiffel Tower have to be a twisted wreck and the treasures of the Louvre stolen or in ashes before the French comprehend what Western civilization is up against?

Anonymous said...

Exactly... After watching the French viciously criticize the U.S. for years for not understanding the Arab world, there's a bit of "told you see" to see their own "empathy" for their Muslim countrymen literally blow up in their faces (although it's never nice to see anyone get hurt or killed).

The bigger question here is how does the "Western world" deal with a large, teeming, exploding birthrate Muslim population that, by and large, completely rejects everything the West stands for and believes in (except its economic prosperity). As a Coptic Christian who fled Egypt once told me, "The West doesn't understand the Muslim street at all. They have a concept of the world and of what constitutes humanity that, as a non-Muslim, DOESN'T INCLUDE YOU at all. Think about that for a second."

Interestingly, there are success stories. The Muslim communities in India, Canada, and the US, for example, while not necessarily assimilated, are certainly well integrated, unlike the European nations. And, of all places, Arabs in Israel enjoy some of the highest living standards of Arabs anywhere in the world.

Jude Brown said...

I agree France has royally screwed up here. That is what happens when you have immigration policy based on keeping the anglo bloodline 'pure'. While it would be ease to simply point the finger at the evil muslims, as many have done, it doesn't take much to dig below the surface a little and see some of the root causes. I know that if 4 generations of my family had been born in France and I still wasn't granted basic rights because I wasn't a citizen...ya I'd be pissed to.

Dublin Saab said...

Anglo is a term often misused in the US as a reference for "white people". Which all in all is fine for use in reference to US items, however it can't really be used that way outside of US subject and certainly not in reference to the French.

Anglo comes from the name Angels, a Germanic tribe that along with the Saxons invaded Britannia, taking it from the Romanized Celts. After a few generations they became known as the "Anglo-Saxons". Today Anglo is short for that and outside of the US means the English and not a generic "white people" term. For example the term "Anglo-sphere" refers not to countries with whites but specifically countries that are native English speaking (England, US, Ireland, Canada, etc.).

So contextually in your statement what you have in fact said is that the French wish to keep the English bloodline pure, which I highly doubt. You should consider using the term "white bloodline" or if you want to single out the French then you could say , "Frankish bloodline".

John B said...

Dublin Saab:

Re: "Anglo comes from the name Angels"

I'm not sure if it'a a typo ( Freudian slip maybe :-) - but Angels they weren't. In the post Roman period, Britain was first invaded by several tribes who settled in the country - the Angles, Saxons and Jutes.

"The Angles (from Schleswig-Holstein), Saxons and Jutes (from Jutland) invaded and settled extensively in southern and central Britain from the late fourth century onwards.

Their backgrounds varied. The Romano-British aristocracy had employed some as mercenaries; some came in search of land as invaders. Vortigern, a leader of the Britons in the post-Roman period is thought to have invited two Saxon warriors and their troops into Britain to act as a mercenary force but his Saxon allies revolted, joining the invaders and setting up their own rule in Kent.

These Germanic peoples continued to arrive throughout the fifth and sixth centuries, forming the South Saxon Kingdom (or Sussex), the West Saxon kingdom (or Wessex), and the East Saxon kingdom (or Essex)."

jmhm2003 said...

You mean dead in the same sense that, what used to pass for America is already dead. Right?

Geotpf said...

Keep in mind that the people doing the rioting are children or grandchildren of immigrants, are French-born, and are almost certainly not devout Muslims, but are widely discriminated against in job hiring, regardless of education. This is more Rodney King than 9/11.

Anonymous said...

I agree - this is more rodney king than 9/11. It just happens that because of France's friendly terms with Muslim countries over the year they have attracted immigrants and now have a growing population of arab/muslim/african immigrants who have found France to be not the friendly place they thought it was.

France is only interested in themselves. They forgot we saved their ass twice in World war I and II while stepping into the mess they made in Vietnam. Yet, they hate America just about as bad as the middle east countries they love.

My dad was stationed in Germany in 1986-1989 with the US Army and we traveled to France only to have them treat us poorly.

I just assume the "scum" burn the whole country. All of the evidence points to France for providing Saddam with weapons and technology for pursuing illegal arms. France did this against the UN resolutions - they did this for themselves - for French glory and for money. They were friends with Saddam - why do you think they opposed the war - both times.

These riots in France just go to show how racist they are. If the USA were to segregate immigrants and place them in projects we would be criticized the world over. In the US, the only people in projects are lazy ungrateful leaches that refuse to get off their couch and go get a real job. France is one of the few 1st world countries that has tried to keep the "undesirable" people segregated from the true french... even if you were born there.

America isn't perfect - but considering we are a much younger country than France - it is impressive that we have and continue to deal with racial issues. The 1960's and 1970's changed a lot for minorities in America. France is still behind where we were in 1960... Our country was just less than 200 years old then... how old is France?

Let the frogs burn - maybe they will be forced to deal with their corrupt racist society and start standing for what is right...

sh said...

Those who insist that this is certainly not a Muslim intifada are woefully ignorant of the history.


as a primer. Then check the Islamic websites of French origin. Look for main points. Look for history.