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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Honda: Somnolent Styling

This is the (leaked) press photo of the 2007 Honda CR-V.

Honda has great technology, and excellent engines. But their design for the U.S. market is weak, in fact, it is the chink in their armor. I mean, what is this thing supposed to be? It has BMW X5/Mercedes ques along the sides, and a rear quarter that reminds me of a Chrysler product. The front end has a small nose with an apparent overhang and a strange mustache underneath. The front bumper appears to jut forward like a cow-catcher.

Has Honda hired away all of Kia/Hyundai's old designers or something?

I thought that the current Honda Pilot/Ridgeline was a decent look--butch and trucky in a Japanese Mr. Roboto sort of way. The new Civic is very Japanese, and very unique.

This thing, well, if this is the new Honda SUV design language, then GM and Ford have a great opening: make some reliable small SUVs with some passion.

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Anonymous said...

It doesnt have to meet everyones taste for it to sell like hot bread. Since its a Honda it will have buyers.