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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Trike Dynamics?

I saw an item on Autoblog that Harley Davidson is going to develop a line of 3-wheel motorcycles based on its traditional 2 wheel products.

I'm not a motorcycle guy, so maybe someone out there can help me out. Aren't trikes less stable (in dynamic maneuvers) than motorcycles, because they can't lean into the turn, and are therefore more prone to rolling? How do you do an emergency avoidance maneuver on a trike?


sh said...

They should be as long as you keep the center of gravity real low (like the original Hot Wheels) and use "apositraction" stabilization of both back wheels.

John B said...

I expect the geriatrics that would ride one of these won't be pushing the performance envelope. Nice box on the back to carry the Depends though.

Zarba said...

Trikes are inherently unstable designs, unless you can get the CG down at ankle level.

But as John said, they aren't likely to be used hard, just for cruisin.

Anonymous said...

If the frame is rigid and a straight rear axle, yes, it is unstable in a turn. However, you can articulate the frame and suspension so that the whole vehicle can still 'lean' into the turn with all three wheels down and remain fairly stable except in the most extreme maneuvers.


Anonymous said...

Perfect for Boomers and sh :)