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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Chevy HHR Panel: Sweeet.

GM, not normally known for taking risks or building quirky vehicles, has gone and done it: they have just announced the Chevy HHR Panel edition, which is an HHR with no rear seats, no windows or doorhandles on the rear doors, and a flat load floor with tie-downs and storage bins.

Photo courtesy of Jalopnik
Jalopnik has a nice photo gallery.

Besides being a nice fleet vehicle for small businesses, and a perfect platform for advertising, this HHR has a definite utilitarian cool factor to it. You can expect this car to be a platform for all kinds of customization at SEMA--surfing, woody edition, extreme audio. How about a micro-hearse edition?

GM should offer mountain bike mounting hardware for the cargo floor.


Anonymous said...

Dear GM:

now that the idea of a truck with leather seats is no longer comical; and the idea of a niche "retro" vehicle can be appealing to a younger, hipper customer -- bring back the El Camino!

I want one. Seriously. I don't need back seats. and I don't mind the blind-spots.

Robot Ninja

EXPO said...
can you save these photos

Car News said...

Personally I'm not much of a fan of it. Then again, I'm not a fan of vehicles that look like that at all. Reminds me of a PT Cruiser too much, and I can't stand that car!

Art said...

Chevy's got a cool new site out promoting it, at You can bein the latest Chevy HHR ad with your's pretty fun!

Anonymous said...

gotta love it,too cool for car news