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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Various Car Sightings

I saw a few memorable vehicles driving around Metro Detroit recently.

A Jaguar XJ sporting a Michigan vanity plate that read YNKSFAN. Brave.

A white E-350 cargo van, no windows, with a lift kit and a full 4x4 system. Vanity plate read RU4RDTUF. Looked like a roll-over machine to me!

A red Chrysler minivan with a vanity plate that read GAVE IN. Heh.

And finally, one of these, a Dodge Rampage (Omni-Camino?). I can't remember seeing one in recent history, I thought they all must have fallen apart by now. Some day, I'd like to see the ultimate--a Dodge Rampage with camper!


Anonymous said...

When is D-Rock City going to get serious about Diesel? Real Diesel. Not BioDiesel. I work in Europe (American Ex-Pat) where ~50% of all new car sales are Diesel. I drive a Citroen C4 with a 4-cyl turbo diesel. ~50 mpg on the highway. The 110 horses aren't lighting up the pavement...but it rolls.

Anonymous said...

re: Dodge Rampage

I saw one recently; rusting away in a field of old houseboats and motorhomes in north georgia. it looks like it "ran when parked" but that was probably sometime during the Reagan administration.

I bet you could buy it real cheap.

- Robot Ninja

Lindsay Lohan said...
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Cat said...
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karguy427 said...

Saw a white van on the road a few years back. had the following vanity plate: