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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Autoblog Advice

Some advice to the guys over at Autoblog: slow it down, 'kay? You aren't Engadget. I know you feel like you have to stay on top of the automotive news world, but most of us can't check your site every two hours. Miss a day and you miss like two front pages worth of stuff. Raise your standards for what is worth posting and what isn't (hint: do it yourself articles by Eric are awesome, warmed over press releases are not). Otherwise, you risk burning out your readers.


Shawn said...

Autoblog is junk. It's tabloid for men. For the most part, they link other people's articles. Any original writing they do is plagued with mistakes after mistake.

I think the only reason people still go there is to argue in the comments section.

Etiquette Systems said...

Great comment Shawn! I agree completely.

Auto Labels

Anonymous said...

Steve's Auto Blog, is a great website, it has a ton of information about cars from buying to selling and repairing. It always has new stories about whats going on in the automotive world.