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Saturday, July 28, 2007


I got an email from an outfit called LemonFree, which is an upstart auto classified service. Lemonfree's method is to offer free auto ads, and to make money from advertising. They have a nice, uncluttered web site. A very nice feature is that they offer free hosting of up to 10 photos with your ad. They don't have many ads yet, though, so if you try to actually search for a car, you will probably get a list of eBay motors auctions. Hopefully they will do better than that in the future. I'm also concerned about their name--it implies that they check the quality of the vehicles that are listed, but in fact, they do not. So it is possible to get a lemon. I wish them luck--the 800lb gorilla in this business is Craig's list.


Wei said...

If you think that's good, check out The website offers free ads for used cars with unlimited pictures as well as export features that forwards the postings to Craigslist, AOL Autos and many other websites.

Anonymous said...
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