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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Google's Street View

I was playing with Google's Street View function in Google Maps, and I am amazed at how good it is. There isn't coverage in my immediate neighborhood, but much of my local area is.

Here for example is a side-view of the Maple and Old Woodward intersection in Birmingham, a place I like to go now and then.

What Google does is have cars drive around with roof mounted cameras, snapping photos that then get stitched together to form 360 degree views, and linked to their street location.

Google has also photographed a large number of neighborhoods, and I was able to find up-close photographs of my parent's house, and my in-laws house. I'm guessing those obsessed with their privacy are alarmed by this.


Polo said...

Great Post

Racedriven said...

They just put the Google Street maps in Massachusetts including my area which is rural, interesting look.

I checked it out and while my current house nor my sisters house isn't covered, my old house is covered and its picture perfect, I sent a picture to my mother and she was shocked.

Its interesting technology, but needs work and it shouldn't have to be done with cars driving around with a camara on-top, but is it a privacy issue? Personally no, its a street view at anyone can see period.