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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Black Black Friday

This is a tragic Black Friday. Maybe the whole "black friday" thing should be re-thought.

In New York, a Walmart employee was crushed to death by a crowd that broke down the doors to the store.

And, in an unrelated but equally tragic incident, the hostages that were being held at the Mumbai Chabad House were murdered, along with scores of other innocents. This really hits hard in the Jewish community. Chabad is a charismatic sect of Hassidic Judaism that has as its mission to reach out to Jews all over the world. They set up "Chabad Houses" in cities all over the world, so that Jews that are traveling away from home can find a place to have a kosher meal, study, pray, or just rest. All are welcome, irregardless of affiliation or level of religious observance or knowledge. Killing a Chabad Rabbi and his wife is utterly barbaric, because they are the epitome of kindness and hospitality.

An American art professor and his 13 year old daughter were also killed in one of the hotel attacks. Alan and Naomi Scherr were eating a late dinner together at the Oberoi hotel.

Somehow, the death of innocent people reall puts a damper on my commercial spirit. I don't feel much like shopping at this point, do you?

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