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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Star Wars Republic Commando On Vista

I recently bought Star Wars Republic Commando, a Lucas Arts squad based shooter. It wouldn't run on my machine ("SWRepublicCommando.exe has stopped working").

I got it running by doing two things: first, I set SWRepublicCommando.exe to run as administrator. Second, in the game, under the graphics settings, I set "bump-mapping" to low.


Persephone Cordeaux said...

This worked for me too with Vista

Jared said...

How do I make the SWRepublicCommando.exe run as administrator?

The Auto Prophet said...


Find the .exe file. Right click on it and select properties. Check "Run As Administrator"

Anonymous said...

Dude Ur f#*kn beautiful i love u so much , u just killed all my troubles. Thanks too much's. Ahhh.

Anonymous said...

my games haz no scratches on it yet when i click on the nw game option it does not work..
any tips???

Anonymous said...

Oh, man, you're rly cool, thanks from Russia! Спасибо!