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Monday, August 24, 2009

Bill Frist Trades Down

Bill Frist said in a Larry King Live interview that he Cash-For-Clunkered a Chevrolet Suburban to get a Toyota Prius.  

He didn't have to choose Toyota, there are other excellent options. 

As an employee of an American based automotive related company, I would like to send Mr. Frist a hearty "go to hell".

For the first time ever, I find myself appreciating something about Howard Dean, who on the same program said that he was going to get a hybrid Ford Escape, because he wanted to support American manufacturers. 

This is an example of why I will always say that I am a Conservative, but not a Republican.  Because as badly as they need my vote, sometimes they just don't have a clue. 


george said...

You are correct...Our worse enemies are our elected officials.
The Rep. party has not a clue of its voters or constituents wishes or needs.

They are too busy having Loud-Mouths on the radio try to agitate and foment its listeners to protest anything and everything, even if it may benefit the listeners, overall.
They do not care about Health care, they just are interesting in just being the opposition and saying NO, NO to anything.
Where are their plans and what did they do for the average voter in the past eight years?

John Mccain is like the party, NO CLUE.

AZ needs some new senators and quick.

Conservative but given up on my party. Going as an Indep. now.

Anonymous said...

Umm... conservatives are not Republicans. We happen to vote Republican because the other party is run by and the majority are socialists or fascists (not Nazis).

The Tea party people you tar and feather 'george' are average Americans who are sick of both parties and the socialist reform trying to be forced on us. They are MULTIPLE alternative plans by conservative groups and the conservative representatives. If you were truly conservative (I doubt) and cared it would take you 5 minutes to find the plans.

Can you please define who the loud mouths are? Conservative voices on the radio are loud mouths huh? You sound like a script reading liberal. While Beck and Rush can get silly and over the top, the truthful conservative principles found on their shows can't be dismissed.

Look up Fiscal conservative on the internet. You seem lost. American Liberty Alliance is a good place to start to find conservatives who are rallying independently to save the car industry and our country from the statist revolution.


Anonymous said...

To continue with what I meant to write before I read the comment by George, one has to remember there are some who are so angry with unions they will only buy cars made with non-union labor.

Though the profits are shipped oversees, at least one of the major reasons that helped take down the big three can be dissed. Personally, I won't buy a car from government owned car company. Maybe if the unions will tick me off enough to abandon Ford (looking at UAW, ACORN, SEIU, etc...) but I don't know.

sh said...

Not only did YEARRGH Dean buy American, he had the guts to hammer Congress for their wimp-out on tort reform. I guess a broken clock IS right twice every day.

HoosierDaddy said...

"To continue with what I meant to write before I read the comment by George, one has to remember there are some who are so angry with unions they will only buy cars made with non-union labor."

And some people think the moon landing was faked. And some people think AIDS is a government Bio-Weapon. And some people think 9/11 was faked (not sure where the 9/11 truthers come down on the moon landing). etc. Some people are friggin tards.