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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Smugness of Tesla

I am watching the Telsa Model X presentation video (here).

At one point, when Elon Musk argues that electric vehicles produce less CO2 than gasoline vehicles, even when power is generated from fossil fuels, he puts up a map of west Virginia (heavly coal user), which he calls "worst case situation', with comic pauses.  The audience laughs.  Then comes a map of Vermont, which generates its power from hydroelectric, nuclear, and other cleaner alternatives.  Applause. 

If I was Elon Musk, I would be a little more humble.  The people of West Virginia help to subsidize a $500 million loan to Tesla, to build a plant in Calfornia.  


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Jordan said...

I don't think he sounded smug at all. If anything he looked really nervous and the whole presentation in general could have been better executed. From the music, to the cues, to the powerpoint and his speech. Nothing seemed to transition smoothly. The car on the other hand, seems to be executed beautifully. Tesla is driving the future of the automobile industry.

wes616 said...

Having worked for the guy (at his aerospace venture), I can tell you it's a serious personality flaw.