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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Video: Cash For Clunkers Engine Death

Here is a video from a CARS program engine disablement (sodium silicate solution instead of oil) of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The engine fights long and hard, but dies in the end.

This Volvo S80 looks like a nice car, I'm amazed it qualified. Maybe it had major issues, like a bad transmission, or something. Still, what a waste. The engine sounds almost like it is sad to go.

This Oldsmobile looks more like a heap. The engine starts out sounding throaty, then dies with a mousy squeek.


jk said...

This is how they are taking them off the road? I gotta believe there is a more environment-friendly method.

jux said...

Unbelievable how the Americans take their "clunkers" from the road!

I'm sorry but the Germans made it much smarter.

Cummins Engine Parts said...

Hmmm.. I most definitely read a couple of articles about this topic and it brings me back down memory lane :)
The question that I ask myself is what caused something like this to happen or be written??

Anonymous said...

Sad.... Many of these "clunkers" still have good engines in them. There are thousands of waaayy junkier cars on the road that could benefit from some of these engines.
As usual, the government botches another program!!