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Friday, July 24, 2009

Why NUMMI Is Probably Closing

With GM out, Toyota has to decide if it wants to keep NUMMI going.  Here are a few reasons why they won't.
  • NUMMI is the most expensive, labor-wise, of any of Toyota's plants in NA (Detroit Free Press)
  • The Corolla is also built in Canada, at the TMMC plant
  • The Tacoma is also built in Mexico, in Tijuana.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

NUMMI is closing because of the high cost of doing business in California. Toyota pays comparable wages to its non-union assembly line workers in Indiana and Kentucky ($27 and $29/hr respectively). While NUMMI is a union plant where assembly line workers make ???? wait for it ???? thats right a whopping $31/hr, lol. And that is due to the $2 COLA adjustment,lol. Labor costs should be replaced with benefit costs since the hourly wage is nearly identical despite California being the most costly state to live in. HMMMMMM, NUMMI will close for many reasons none of which is the wages of its workforce.