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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lincoln Alphabet Soup

Everyone who I have talked to about it thinks that renaming the Zephyr to "MKZ" (pronounced "mark zee") was a dumb move by Lincoln. Customers will be confused. Not to mention the secondary market--there will be 2006 Zephyrs and 2007 MKZs, but no 2007 Zephyrs or 2006 MKZs.

If you go to, you get to Lincoln. Same with

What else is Lincoln up to? I tried typing in a few more combinations. didn't get me anywhere, and neither did

But, try these: and

I wonder what Lincoln is working on that will be called "Mark E" and "Mark L"? "Mark N" would make sense for Navigator, but no one has registered, so Ford is not changing to that name. And apparently, there is no plan to change the Mark LT to a "MKT" or "MKLT", using the domain name test. Are MKE and MKL the new names for Navigator and Mark LT?


Dublin Saab said...

The Aztek has found redemption in the nose of the '07 Navigator. It's busy and dull, what an amazing combination.

Anonymous said...

I really want to like Lincoln, and to see them succeed. But this hideous restyle of the Navigator and the switch to alphanumeric-style names really turn me off.

carscomblogger said...

the interiors were really nice in the new Lincolns, which is good. But the grills are just awful. Especially on the aviator mkx because there is black plastic behind much of the grill itself! the air intake isn't the entire size of the chrome section. Horrible.

The Angry Engineer said...

Whomever replaced the lovely '05-'06 Nav interior with that new piece of crap deserves to get fired. My goodness, where did Ford find such a sufficient supply of NOS '77 Grenada gauges?

Geotpf said...

Renaming the Canada-only Pontiac Pursuit (Cobalt rebadge) to the G5 is almost as bad (because they are now going to sell it in the US), especially considering that the same or similiar car as the G4 in Mexico. Now, selling it in the US is actually a good idea (despite the initial reaction of "ick...a Cobalt rebadge"), because Pontiac has a big ol' hole in the compact-sized market.

But that's not quite as stupid as this.