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Monday, February 27, 2006

Real Bullet Holes

You know how some people think it is cute to put fake bullet hole stickers on their cars?

This morning I was driving to work, and I was stuck in a crash induced traffic jam. Next to me was a flatbed tow truck, which was carrying an older model Ford Explorer.

The passenger side window was missing, and the passenger side had three large holes punched through, which looked like they were about .50 caliber--probably shotgun slugs, but I wasn't sure. Along the bottom of the passenger door, what appeared to be blood had seeped out and had dried on the door sill.

Behind the flatbed truck, a large brown van was following, which was marked "Detroit Police Department Evidence Technician". That red stuff probably was blood.

In Detroit, there are too many real bullet holes for fake bullet holes to be funny.

Update: It turns out the vehicle I saw was used by a pair of thugs who shot two police officers. Here is a picture of the vehicle, from the local ABC News affiliate website:


sh said...

DALLAS - Police say a car accident ended in gunfire early Monday. The accident happened at about 2:30 a.m. at Northwest Highway and Loop 12.

Police said the people involved got into an argument and shots were fired. Two off-duty officers heard the gunshots and then witnessed a collision.

Three men in a Cadillac hit three other cars while trying to make a U-turn, and then took off on foot.

Would you believe that Dallas is the second most liberal city (in Texas)?
Think there's a trend developing in the U.S.?

The Friendly Grizzly said...

That's the vehicle, huh? I note the boarded-up windows of the house in the background. Lovely...