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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Firefly! [Culture]

I rented the movie Serenity a few weeks ago, because of a positive newspaper review, and I really liked it. I found out that it is based on a short lived (14 episodes, 2 of which never aired) Sci-Fi series called Firefly, that was on Fox for half a season on 2002.

I bought the boxed set, and I had to pace myself, so I wouldn't suck down all the episodes in two sittings, and run out of show. It was that good.

Firefly is a cross between a space opera and a western. It is about a captain, who is somewhat Hans Solo like, and his crew, as they do (mostly illegal) odd jobs under the noses of the smothering Alliance (think inter-planetary UN, with lots of corruption).

There are no aliens, and no faster-than-light spaceships. There are lots of steel guns that go bang. The writing is smart, and humorous. You have to pay attention to the dialogue, because the writers slip good jokes in frequently when you don't expect them. Compared to all the stale, predictable "reality-lite" TV shows, Firefly is fresh and different. Because the show isn't about intergalactic politics, high tech toys, or inter-dimensional portals, it focuses on the interactions of a smuggling ships crew.

It is so good that this boxed set of half a cancelled TV season is the #16 best selling DVD on Amazon.


Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite shows ever. It's intelligent, funny, and original in concept and implementation. All of the characters have depth and are very well-acted. My brother gave me the DVD set for Christmas, and I've already watched every episode at least three times, and most of them more. Every time I watch it I get mad at Fox for torpedoing the show.

Cars! Cars! Cars! said...

Best. Show. Ever.

Glad you found the show and glad you li... loved it.

I got the box set and, no foolin', everyone I've loaned it to has purchased a copy.

This show simply must come back to TV.

Big Ford Fan said...

AutoProphet, this show was great when it aired on Fox originally and it pops up on SciFi channel on cable from time to time. It was running Fridays at 7 (eastern) PM.

It was created by Joss Wedon (Not sure of spelling) who created Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. It was refreshing and original, unlike anything else on Fox (except Family Guy!!)

I'm going to have to buy those DVDs now.

If you get the SciFi channel, keep an eye open for Dr Who and of course Battlestar Galactica.

Now I've gone too far, exposing myself for the Sci Fi geek I am.

Anonymous said...

First, three of the episodes were unaired ("Trash", "The Message", and "Heart of Gold") and the pilot ("Serenity") was aired after "Objects in Space".

Second, I wouldn't hold my breath on new TV episodes. Joss has stated that he's fed up with TV and Fox owns all the TV rights and likely won't want to part with them for a reasonable amount.

Another great series that was canceled before it's time, and is tied to Firefly through producer Tim Minear and Jewel Staite (Kaylee), was Wonderfalls.

Anonymous said...

I also have FireFly and love it. I've shared it with family and friends. All they have to do is watch one or two episodes and they are hooked as well. I still don't know why they cancelled it. Well, ok, I do, the Fox network is stupid. They aired the shows out of order and didn't even show all of them. Luckily, it's gained a cult following like a certain other Fox show which was cancelled and luckily, broght back (Family Guy).

I recommend FireFly to everyone. It's a sci-fi show, but it isn't as well. All types of people can find things to like about the show.