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Friday, November 17, 2006


As you may have guessed from my occasional firearm-related posting, I am squarely in the pro-gun camp. Jalopnik reports that Ford took some jounalists, including bloggers, to a shooting range for some fun, as part of a James Bond themed day. (Aside: isn't Aston Martin the Bond brand? And in the last Bond movie, didn't the bad guys drive Fords and Lincolns?)

Color me jealous.

For any readers in SE MI, the range the event happened looks like it was Target Sports in Royal Oak, guessing from the photos. This is a first class indoor pistol range, and they will rent you a full-auto gun (MP5, Colt SMG) if you are ready to pay the (hefty) rental fee. I go there occasionally to shoot.

After the shooting event, the journalists were driven to a martini making class.


Dorri732 said...

Yes. Aston Martin is the Bond brand. Ford owns Aston, so that's not so strange.

Anonymous said...

First the gun range, then the martini. I believe that is the appropriate order, especially when dealing with journalists.

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