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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spotted: Smart Fortwo

I stopped to buy some gas near my house today, and saw a guy fueling one of these, a dark blue and silver Smart Fortwo.

It is shocking how small these cars really are, compared to a typical mid-sized sedan. There is so little crush space from the front bumper to the driver, and at the rear, I don't think I could ever feel safe driving one. The tall greenhouse and small wheels pushed out to the corners make the thing look like a rollerskate.

The driver was a wiry, gray haired middle aged man, who I imagine was quite pleased with himself, as he filled his tiny gas tank and smugly thought about his 40mpg. Then again, he could have been an engineer or exec driving an evaluation unit--I didn't get a good look at the plate, other than to see that it was the white on dark blue of MI.


sh said...

Looks like a MiniPacer to me.
Do they have pedals, or do you just stick your feet through the floorboard and push, Fred Flintstone-style?

Anonymous said...

Well sh said.. not to worry they are making full-size hydrogen fuel cell vehicles now.

Anonymous said...

Good gas mileage, I'm sure, but that doesn't change physics. Too bad that he'll be crushed in between a van and a truck. I'd see these viable only in certain places. I'll take a full size vehicle, thank you, to protect my family.