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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

GM Plans To Import Chinese Cars

According to the Automotive News, which obtained a copy of a product plan document which GM submitted to Obama's auto task force, GM is planning to ramp up production of cars in China for importation to the U.S.  Starting with about 17,000 cars in 2011, the number would increase to about 51,000 by 2014.  

GM already imports Chinese made engines (the 3.4L pushrod iron block V6 in the Equinox/Torrent), and I won't buy one.

If GM imports Chinese cars, I won't even consider one of those, either.

The UAW and the Democrats are going to tear GM a new one for this.  If you are relying on a UAW-friendly Democrat-controlled congress to save you, maybe plans for Chinese importation aren't smart, when Ford is re-tooling Michigan Truck to use UAW labor to build small cars.  

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