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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Lutz Smacks Letterman

In a blog post titled "Stupid Human Tricks", Bob Lutz smacks down David Letterman for being uninformed about the Chevrolet Volt, when hosting Tesla's CEO. Along they way, Lutz sideswiped Drew Barrymore, made fun of Letterman's "pallatial estate", and claimed to have a pet swan that can do tricks. Read the whole thing here.

Now, if he is that uninformed, I must point out that it’s not his fault, it’s ours. We should do a better job of making sure that Dave and everyone else who is in position to comment on national TV about our products has the right information, whether they use that information or not. Perhaps if we’d hired Drew Barrymore to be the spokesperson for the vehicle we’d have commanded more of his attention. Regardless, we’d like to rectify the situation.

I would like to personally invite Dave to come learn more about the Volt, including the hugely important but unmentioned-by-him fact that its range is 40 purely electric miles plus several hundred more miles thanks to its range-extender. Dave may drive more than 40 miles a day on his commute from the palatial Connecticut estate, but about 80 percent of Americans don’t. And those people could conceivably drive the Volt every day and never use a drop of gasoline.


40miles said...

40 Miles! is exactly the POINT!!!
"IT'S CRAP" go back to work GM!
Your take on Dave's position is exactly the problem!

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The Auto Prophet said...

40 miles is a balance between battery cost and customer needs. If you put a 300 mile battery in there, you wind up with Elon Musk's $100,000+ car.

The Volt is already in danger of being a $40,000 car, which is really pushing it.

The point is, for most customers (including myself) a 40 mile all-electric range would be about right. And for times when you need to go over 40 miles, you have the gas engine for backup.

If you are driving a Tesla, and you need to go farther, you have to stop for a few hours somewhere where they have a 220v plug to recharge your car!

40miles said...

I get it. The "big 3" are unfortunately just beginning to.