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Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Love A Parade

This morning I went down and saw the annual Celebrate Birmingham parade. This is an annual affair with a small-town feel, where two marching bands, the shriners, local politicians, and lots of interesting cars make a slow circuit around downtown Birmingham before retiring to the central park for a day of kiddie fun. Here is a selection of the more interesting vehicles from the parade.

A classic Ford

The Oakland Country DARE Truck (our tax dollars at work...)

Oakland County dive rescue

A cool antique fire engine

A Chrysler wagon

Eastern Bloc army truck?

Ford convertible

Another classif Ford

The Celtic Pipes and Drums

The Shriner's wheelie wagon, based on an old Ford truck I think

Shriners on little scooters

Now come the old-west Shriners

Not very P.C. but he was funny.

Another old car converted for clown duty

This tree service truck looks like a recycled old ladder fire truck.

The Falun Gong were out in force. No one felt threatened. The state was not destabilized.

Interesting taste in women.

Cool spring-stilt walkers

The tail end of the parade was a huge mass of bassett hounds.

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